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CRAILE is “vegetable tanned” leather.

The vegetable tanned leather is the result of a traditional process, based on natural extracts and respectful with the environment.

This leather keeps its pores opened developing a nice and natural layer or patina with the passage of time, being this one of its unique qualities that differentiate this leather from the rest of leathers.

CRAILE exclusively uses “vegetable tanned” leather in the design and manufacture of all its items, away from any chemical or standardized tanning process.

Given the naturalness of this type of leather, the following recommendations of care are suggested:

  • Avoiding prolonged exposures of the leather to the sun or to the rain. In case of contact with water, use a clean cloth and let the wet leather dry naturally (avoid artificial heat).
  • If the leather is soiled, gently use a dry and clean cloth on the affected area.
  • Do not expose the leather to oils or any other product not suitable for the care.
  • Keep the bag in its protective bag and /or in its lined box in order to avoid contact with dust and other unwanted exposures.

For more details about the leather maintenance and care, consult CRAILE directly (contacto@craile.com) or a specialized leather goods workshop that CRAILE could refer you depending on where you are.